Drivers across Ayrshire are being advised to look out for deer wandering onto trunk roads and motorways, particularly during May.

Vehicle accidents involving deer peak at this time of year, as young deer disperse and increasingly cross major roads to look for their own territories.

Scotland TranServ has identified hot spots on the A78 Bypass and the A77 between Ayr and Kilmarnock.

Scotland TranServ is advising drivers to remain vigilant to the potential of deer wandering onto roads and has suggested the following driving tips to avoid a deer collision: be extra vigilant where you see ‘deer’ or ‘wild animal’ road signs; use your highbeam headlights (without dazzling other drivers) when it’s dark, but dip them if you see a deer, otherwise it may freeze in your path; don’t overreact or swerve excessively.

It’s safer to continue on your normal track rather than swerving or braking hard to try to avoid a deer; if you do hit a deer, try to stop somewhere safe; report the accident to the police – they’ll contact the correct authorities who can help the injured deer.