Greenwood held its Race for the Line event last week – with Queen Bee team crowned the winners.

The whole of S1 took part in Race for the Line, a nationwide event which is part of the BLOODHOUND Education Programme, the world’s largest STEM initiative which aims is to inspire the next generations of scientists and engineers.

Greenwood Academy, which is the only school in Ayrshire taking part in the national competition, hopes to beat national third place from last year.

Science teacher Caroline Kennedy said: “It’s a national competition ran by Dendrite in conjunction with the Army to get S1 kids to design and race the fastest polystyrene car powered by a rocket.

“They have to design the wheels and axels and the top team from each of the schools then goes forward to the national competition in Edinburgh barrack on May 30.

“It’s a STEM event so the whole point of it is to try and get them interested in engineering.”

At the Greenwood event, the first team were Queen Bee 1S1, 2nd: Black and Yellow 1A2 and 3rd: Grey blank car 1S1.