Irvine’s charity pram racers lined up at the Turf corner again on Monday night (May 14, 1979) for what was to be one of the most action-packed events seen in years. 

There were thrills and spills to keep the crowds happy and even a few moments of real drama in the annual Christian Aid race to the Townhouse.

Irvine Times:

Three youngsters manning the Castlepark Community Centre entry took a nasty tumble only yards from the start line as their pram collapsed in a heap around them. 

They were taken to Kilmarnock Infirmiry where one received treatment for a concussion - but they later pledged that they would be back next year for ‘death or glory’. 

Irvine Times:

There was despair too as the Burns Tavern team made a fatal mistake by borrowing a ‘spare’ pram that another team just happened to have lying around. 

They managed about a quarter of the course before their rear axle gave out and the wheels shot off leaving them high and dry. 

The all-important final heat saw Irvine’s top pramsters pushing themselves to the gruelling limits.

And in the end it was probably only the Magnum team’s super fitness which saw them thunder across the finishing line just feet ahead of Hyster. 

Competition among the 14 entrants for the title of ‘best dressed pram’ was also close-fought, if not quite so fierce. 

Irvine Times: Best dressed pram winners were Harper's Cash and Carry teamBest dressed pram winners were Harper's Cash and Carry team

The award finally went to the Harper’s Cash and Carry team (pictured) whose pram was decorated on the theme of Hawaiian.  

Irvine Times: