A DOG owner has blasted mindless yobs after her dog was left with a slashed paw from a discarded broken Buckfast bottle.

Jakki Latta’s chocolate Labrador Ringo was out for his evening walk last week when he went in to a bush to retrieve his ball and came out yelping in pain.

The 41-year-old says the distraught animal was left crying and his paw was sliced open and pouring with blood following the incident in a children’s park in Earlswood View, Montgomerie Park.

The mum-of-two said: “To say I am a bit mad is an understatement. I was out a lovely walk with Ringo and him and another dog start running about, the other dog stole his ball so Ringo chased after him into bushes

“The next thing he yelps and comes limping out with blood gushing from the back of his leg.

“Luckily my neighbour ran and grabbed bandages because I just couldn’t stop the blood gushing. His paw was cut wide open.

“My neighbour went back to check what had done it and it was a Buckfast bottle. So some lazy irresponsible person who can’t be bothered to put their rubbish in the bin has done this to my poor pup.”

Jakki rushed Ringo to the emergency vet and was devastated to learn he had ripped three tendons – which might never properly heal.

She said: “I had to carry him home and take him to the emergency vet who said he had ripped three tendons.

“He was operated on within a few hours. The vet said his tendons may knit back together they may not but either way he has a long recovery ahead of him of somewhere between 10 and 16 weeks.”

Jakki is now hoping if anyone sees broken glass when they’re out and about they will do their bit and put it in the bin.

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