Two Irvine communities are set to receive a £100,000 cash boost.

Fullarton and Vinebrugh Community Associations look set to benefit from the massive cash injection thanks to the North Ayrshire Council’s Community Investment Fund.

The £3million Community Investment Fund is the first of its kind in Scotland after being created by North Ayrshire’s Labour administration who identified available funding from surplus funds associated with the Trindlemoss development at the old Red Cross House site in Irvine.

The £3million fund has been devolved to North Ayrshire’s six locality partnerships, distributed on the basis of each localities population, to identify projects that address the localities identified priorities.

The Fullarton and Vineburgh Communities will use the cash to each employ a “community enabler” on a part time basis for three years.

One enabler will be located in each area and will seek to engage with the local communities and identify gaps in support for those communities in areas such as dignified food provision and support with drug and alcohol addiction.

Speaking on the Fullarton and Vineburgh joint project, Council Leader Joe Cullinane said: “Community Associations such as the ones in Fullarton and Vineburgh really are at the heart of their communities. They fight in the interests of local people day in day out. I am sure the funding for this project will allow them both to continue doing this exceptional work.”

In a joint statement Annie McLaughlan, Chair of the Vineburgh Community Association, and Donna Fitzpatrick, Chair of the Fullarton Community Association, said: “This project will enable our associations to do even more work supporting our respective communities with a range of new supports developed as a result.”

On the CIF investment milestone, Council Leader Joe Cullinane added: “Our Community Investment Fund was all about putting real power and resources into local people’s hands and I am delighted that my cabinet has now approved almost £500,000 of investments across North Ayrshire which will support some excellent community led projects.

“There remains £2.5million available in the Community Investment Fund to support more innovative community led projects that can make a real difference to local people and communities. I would encourage people throughout North Ayrshire to engage with their locality partnership to help develop further projects.”