An Irvine mum’s numbers came up when she met the Australian Prime Minister after popping out for a game of bingo.

Denise Peel was the happiest woman in the house when she went to her local bingo club and bumped in to the Aussie PM, Scott Morrison.

Denise, 51, temporarily moved Down Under in April last year after after her husband Steven, 52, was moved on a three-year contract with his job as Head of Transformation with Essential Energy.

The couple have made themselves at home in the picturesque Port Macquarie in New South Wales after moving there a year ago.

Denise, mum to Jareth, who is with the couple in Oz, and Gemma, who has stayed in Irvine, went to the local sports club the Panther Club for a game of bingo when she met the Aussie leader.

Denise told the Times: “I was in the Panthers Club playing bingo and Scott Morrison was upstairs giving a speech as part of his campaign trail, but then he came downstairs to call the numbers.

“It was a big surprise. He was a lovely guy and spent lots of time chatting with everyone. It’s not every day you go to the bingo and meet the Australian Prime Minister.”

Denise says the family has settled in to Aussie life - but there are still things she misses about being at home in Irvine.

She said: “Life in Port Macquarie is just paradise. We live right by the canal and dolphins swim by regularly. We have Koalas in the trees out my front door. it’s amazing, but I miss my dog Kita and potato scones.

“My daughter Gemma came to visit and brought me candle melts because I missed them too.

“And of course I miss my family and friends, but I would definitely recommend moving here to anyone.”