Two of the self-styled predator hunters behind the sting on Garry Allmark have spoken out following his sentencing at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court.

Allmark, 46, was brought to justice by the now defunct Scotland Anti Predator Alliance (SAPA) but was not given a punishment element to his extensive sentence.

He was placed on a Community Payback Order which will see him supervised by a social worker for three years and attending the Moving Forward, Making Changes Programme - a course that helps sex offenders change their ways.

He was also placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for three years and is now banned from communicating directly or indirectly with anyone under the age of 16, unless unavoidable in the course of normal daily life.

He must also notify his supervisor of any electronic devices he owns which can connect to the internet, and is banned from entering all schools, nurseries, playparks, leisure centres and public parks.

The ‘predator hunters’ wished to remain anonymous, but used code names. ‘Delta Hunter’ – one of those who was there on the day of the original sting – said that she ‘felt sick’ after hearing the sentence that was passed.

She said: “I actually felt sick. The people in the complex were amazing but he is a vile, vile man.

“We were called ‘abhorrent vigilantes’ but we have never hit anyone whilst doing this.

“We do what we do to help the children. I have seven grandkids and they are our future.”

Delta helps to run a group called Caledonia Pride which has 11 operatives across the country and two further researchers in England.

She believes that Allmark should be in jail for what he pled guilty to and added: “He should have been jailed for three to five years for what he did. I feel sorry for his family but it is what he deserved.”

‘Kerry Karma Hunter’ was the decoy who spoke to Allmark for almost three months and she spoke out at his sentence saying she is ‘absolutely disgusted’.

She said: “I was in tears after the court. I looked back over the logs and it is just unbelievable. I was in court when the sentence got given and the Sheriff looked at us and called us vigilante groups.

“They are more concerned with having a go at us and he was made out to be the victim. I am absolutely disgusted. It felt like we were on the stand.

“I was in contact for two to thre e months and towards the end I had to get friends to support me because I was so drained.”