North Ayrshire Council has approved a new Chief Officer and Directorate Structure which will see four posts become two and the council’s boss of finance retire.

A meeting of the council’s Staffing and Recruitment Committee last Wednesday, May 8, confirmed the changes which are now underway.

By the time the restructure is completed in 2020/21, the number of directorates and Executive Directors will reduce from four to two. the post of one Head of Service will be removed and a dedicated director post to deliver growth and investment will be created.

Chief Executive Craig Hatton said: “We have great ambitions for the people of North Ayrshire and its economy. To help us achieve our aims, we are altering the way our services are structured.

“The result will be a more streamlined, efficient structure which will allow us to be leaner, sharper and better positioned to focus on our priorities.”

Phase one is already underway and will see the formation of two new council directorates.

Communities will comprise all services delivered under Education and Youth Employment alongside those services currently delivered by Connected Communities.

Place will comprise all services currently delivered by Place alongside Economic Development and Regeneration.

These two new directorates will each have an Executive Director and these new posts are being advertised now

To ensure the success of the Ayrshire Growth Deal, the Executive Director for Economy and Communities, Karen Yeomans, will now spearhead its implementation in North Ayrshire by taking on the new role of Director of Growth and Investment.

Additionally, the council’s Executive Director for Finance and Corporate Support, Laura Friel, has indicated that she wishes to retire during 2020/21 as part of phase two of the restructure. This post – alongside that of the Head of Service, Customer and Digital Services, which is currently vacant – will not be replaced. The responsibilities for these posts will be assumed by the Head of Service for Financial and Customer Services, and the Head of Service for People and Transformation.