A new outdoor drinking area has been given the go-ahead in Irvine

The Riverside Lodge Hotel in Irvine was granted permission for an outdoor drinking area on the terrace at the back of its restaurant. 

North Ayrshire Council’s Licensing Board approved the new al fresco zone, which would seat up to 80, earlier today. (3 June). 

Board convenor Cllr Ronnie McNicol said: “We welcome any refurbishment of these premises. We are looking for good accommodation for people coming to North Ayrshire.” 

The beer garden plans are the latest in the hotel’s £2million makeover by owner, Ayrshire businessman Henry Fitzsimmons.

Henry, who also owns the Brisbane House Hotel in Largs, spoke to the Times exclusively after purchasing the former Hallmark Hotel and said he has big plans for the venue.

Work has already revamped the foyer and the restaurant has been given a complete overhaul, transforming it in to a chic and contemporary eaterie.

Henry has also done away with the heavy brick-work at the front of the building, installing large windows, as he promised back in February last year.

The property developer, who also owns Oscars in Saltcoats hopes the Riverside Lodge Hotel’s plans for outside drinking area approved Riverside Lodge will become an entertainment hub and one- stop-shop wedding venue.

Henry told the Times: “It’s going to cost £2million-plus.

“We have 128 rooms to refurbish, carpets, curtains, beds, furniture. Everything. It will be a complete overhaul.”