Irvine Vics plan to stay where they are after it was revealed land which house the club’s ground has been put up for sale.

As revealed on the popular I Belong to Irvine Facebook page, land including Victoria Park has been put on the market as a residential development opportunity by its owners Ayrshire Metals Ltd.

Irvine Victoria FC, who have based at the ground since 1937, say the club have been in discussion with Ayrshire Metal over recent months with contingency plans being put in place.

Secretary David Loach said: “We found out months ago but it’s only been made public in the last week. It’s been a bit sensationalised that we’re in jeopardy – we’re not anywhere near that point of being in danger.

“It’s very early days but Ayrshire Metals are looking to sell but they’ll not sell that quick, it’s been sitting derelict for over 10 years now and nothing’s happened in a long time so I don’t expect anything to happen in a short period either.

“Our obvious intent is to stay where we are and we’re in discussion with Ayrshire Metals with how to do that, but if someone else buys it we’ll have to speak to them.

“As it stands it is still the status quo, the only thing that’s changed is they’re hoping to sell the land. “We’re working on plan A,B,C and D so working on contingency plans on what we can do with what else would be available to us.

“I wouldn’t want to say anything and it all backfire, but we’re aware and working on a solution that suits ourselves and Ayrshire Metals, or be it another party. Our intent is to stay at the park.”

Savills is currently offering the land to buyers as a development opportunity with potential for a variety of uses including residential, subject to planning consent being obtained.