The No 0 Club is appealing to raise £135,000 to repair Kilwinning's Mother Lodge building.

Members have started a gofundme campaign and say the Mother Lodge of Scotland - also used for social events by the wider community - ‘is in need of your help’. 

Writing on the page, Right Worshipful Master James Savage said: "Mother Kilwinnings' Lodge building now requires substantial work to the famous Ballochmyle red sandstone façade and to the rear elevations which have suffered from over 125 years of weathering.  

"The badly worn tracery requires urgent repairs to bring it back to its former glory. 

"This work will unfortunately be of substantive in monetary terms. 

"Within the building the Mother lodge hopes to install a lift from the ground floor to the 1st floor to enable the many senior brethren and public members with disabilities access with ease.  

"The Mother Lodge has been proactive in the starting remedial works and have formed a building committee to oversee all areas that require refurbishment and some minor initial works have been carried out. 

“With wider help from the public and brethren around the world we would be able to restore and improve this jewel in the Masonic World and be able to pass on its heritage and keep Lodge Mother Kilwinnings' special place in history alive. 

To donate visit the page here.