PARENTS and guardians of pupils at St Matthew's Academy have been warned after a case of measles was detected in someone associated with the school. 

In a letter distributed today, (Friday, June 7) it highlights the symptons of the highly infectious disease and gives advice to those who have only had one MMR jab.

The letter states: "Dear Parent/Guardian, 

"A case of measles has occured in a person associated with St Matthew's Academy. The purpose of this letter is to explain the signs and symptons of measles, and remind parents of the importance of ensuring their child/children are fully vaccinated."

The NHS state online that: "The World Health Organization confirmed that the UK eliminated measles in 2016.

"This is because the MMR vaccine is highly effective and vaccine uptake has been very high in the UK for many years.

"But this doesn't mean that measles has disappeared. Measles is common in many countries around the world, and currently there are several large measles outbreaks across Europe.

"We'll continue to see imported measles cases in the UK, and anyone who hasn't had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine can catch it.

"In 2016 there were more than 500 measles cases in England, many in teenagers and young people attending summer festivals who'd missed out on their MMR vaccine in childhood."

The Herald has contacted both NHS and Arran and North Ayrshire Council for comment.

The full letter is pictured below.

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