A THUG is behind bars after a terrifying extortion bid against a man who owed money.

William Young told David Waddell his legs would be broken if he did not stump up the cash.

Young also attacked the victim's family home in Irvine, North Ayrshire with a baseball bat last October.

The 33 year-old struck again weeks later when he chased a man with a pole after stopping his car in the middle of a busy road.

He also earlier smashed the windows of another house.

Young today pled guilty to five charges including extortion, assault and dangerous driving at the High Court in Glasgow.

He will be sentenced next month.

Prosecutor Stephen McCloy told how Young turned up at Mr Waddell's door to get a debt repaid on October 1.

He said to Mr Waddell's brother: “He has to have £500 in Kilwinning by 5pm or he will get his legs broken.”

Young appeared again the next day claiming he was “here for the car”.

A letter was then posted 24 hours later with further cash demands – also stating: “No p*****g about”.

The court heard Young also whacked the front door with a baseball bat.

Young was still on the streets when he then targeted Jason Haswell on October 29.

Mr Haswell was in a car with his mum when Young raced up in front of them in his black Jaguar completely blocking the road.

A witness to the incident in Kilwinning, North Ayrshire described the thug as a “man on a mission”.

Young went after Mr Haswell yelling: “I am going to f*****g kill you.”

The man managed to escape before crazed Young also fled in his Jaguar.

The court was further told that Young vandalised a house in Coylton, South Ayrshire last September 16.

He later admitted to police: “I will be honest with you. I smashed every f****** window in that house.

“I don't like guys who hit women.”

Lord Boyd remanded Young in custody and deferred sentencing for reports.