News of a Knighthood for Irvine's former MP didn’t go down well with everyone last week.

Two petitions were set up by outraged residents with ‘Revoke ex-MP Brian Donohoe’s Knighthood’ and ‘Don’t give Brian Donohoe a Knighthood’ appearing on the website over the weekend.

The first states: “As former constituents of Mr Donohoe, we strongly object to Mr Donohoe receiving a knighthood on the grounds that he does not deserve it.

“During his time as an MP, he served his constituents badly, to the extent that most view him as arrogant, self-serving and hypocritical.”

It also reminded residents that on losing his seat in 2015 the former MP told the Times: “I can now turn round with the greatest delight and tell people to f*** off.”

Brian Donohoe said: “There is a disease in the UK where if someone does good they want to drag them down instead of praising them for it, but if you go to America it’s the exact opposite.

“It’s not just myself, Andy Murray was getting it and so was Billy Connolly, you expect that.

“The problem is that they demean themselves, they don’t do any justice for their own cause. I never go on social media so I wouldn’t know.

"When I was an MP I never looked at anything like that, I left that for my staff to deal with, and I still would if I had any.  

"It’s all good stuff that I’m getting, I’ve had hundreds of emails and texts to such an extent I’ve not been able to do any work."