Irvine could become home to Scotland's first legal cannabis farm. 

Australian firm LeafCann Medical Cannabis has held talks with council chiefs about potentially building a facility in the town.

North Ayrshire Council confirmed it has held talks with the company, which recently obtainined a licence to produce cannabis, but say no plans are close to being agreed.

This comes after Home Secretary Sajid Javid legalised cannabis-based medicines last year with doctors able to give out products most commonly used to treat epilepsy and chronic pain - which are currently imported.

Council leader Joe Cullinane said: "Medicinal cannabis can be very effective in easing the effects of epilepsy and chronic pain. The fact it has only just been legalised means that the UK is currently importing all cannabis based medicines so this could provide a local supply chain for our NHS.

"Discussions are at an early stage between the firm and the council but it could be a boost to the local economy, creating much needed jobs if it comes to something."

The Times approaced LeafCann for comment.