With beautiful spacious seating, smiling staff and a vast array of food and drink, GG’s Sports Lounge and Coffee Shop is the newest and sleekest place to go in North Ayrshire.

Irvine Times:

The newest part of the Gailes, GG’s has been open less than a month and it is clear to see how serious Simpsinn’s are about investment in the town, with around £1.5million being pumped in to various upgrades throughout the popular venue.

Irvine Times:

Along with coffee and cake, GG’s offers a full breakfast, brunch and evening menu with a variety of choice between the healthy, the balanced and the tempting if you want to indulge in something that bit different.

We were welcomed by SimpsInns Director Irene Leslie who showed off the new venue with enthusiasm and vigour and a real flare for success.

Before trying out the new menu, Irene explained the vision for GG’s and the rest of the venue with planned expansion to the leisure facilities and opportunities for new staff to come on board as they continue to grow.

She said that around £1.5million would be invested in to the Gailes with GG’s being the first thing ticked off the list with a sports room with pool, table football, live TV and a golf simulator opening this week at the back of the coffee shop which links the popular driving range through to the seating area.

The outdoor seating area, which includes a table tennis table, is suitable for families and their four-legged friends with water bowls provided for dogs who like to dine out with their owners.

Irvine Times:

The spa area just along the corridor will be expanded and the growth will make it one of the most stylish in Ayrshire. Once upgrades are completed, around 40 new staff will have been introduced to the SimpsInns family and the clear passion and care already instilled shows that Irvine is a key area for the company.

In terms of food, there is the unusual but welcoming menu which serves breakfast all day and has a mix of cooked food, smothies and classics like French toast, pancakes and Eggs Benedict.

The lunch menu offers sandwiches, salads, burgers and ‘small plates’ offering a taste of various culinary delights.

Irvine Times:

When we visited last week we opted to try the French toast and bacon and a Ayrshire honey glazed ham salad served on barra gellega, a soft and sweet baguette.

Irvine Times:

We were blown over with the swift service, the taste on dishes so simple and the attention to detail to ensure everything was top of the range.

Following this we browsed the vast array of cakes, both homemade and from local suppliers, and were left scratching our heads and the amount of choice from the visually stimulating cabinet.

After much deliberation, a chocolate orange sponge and a rainbow cake were delivered and they were faultless, soft, full of flavour and just what is needed after a delicious lunch.

Irvine Times:

GG’s offers a much welcomed new venue in Irvine in which locals and visitors alike can expect to be able to relax, indulge and spend quality time with friends and family.