Two teenagers were rushed to hospital after a mass brawl broke out on Irvine beach on the last day of school.

One boy was “knocked unconscious” after been set upon by at least four yobs in shocking scenes which were filmed by other beach-goers.

The horror video shows one boy running at another before knocking him to the ground. The boy on the ground is then seen being kicked, punched and stomped on by at least four others.

Minutes before the fight broke out an 18-year-old Coastwatch volunteer suffered a facial injury after rushing to put out a small fire yobs had started in the dunes, only to have a lighter blow up in his face.

The appalling scenes unfolded as hundreds of teens swarmed the sands on Friday, June 28 to celebrate the start of the Summer holidays.

But eyewitnesses reported seeing children as young as 11 “staggering around drunk” after sitting drinking all day in the 28degree heat.

Catherine McCormack from Coastwatch said: “There were loads of teenagers on the beach. I’m not sure if they were all local or not, but we noticed a fire had been started on the dunes. Two of our volunteers went over to put it out and someone had put a lighter in which exploded into his face.

“We called an ambulance and as we waited for that to arrive a big fight broke out on the sand below. There was four of five boys just kicking and punching another two. It was absolutely disgraceful. There were families enjoying the beach sitting just next to it all. It was frightening.

One woman who witnessed the shocking fight scenes told the Times: “Shortly after we arrived at the beach around 7pm there was what appeared to be a fire up on the grass above the beach in which a Coastwatch volunteer went up to try and distinguish. There had been something flammable in the fire and it made a small explosion and the man was injured.

“The paramedics arrived to deal with this incident and then the fighting broke out in which two boys were attacked. A paramedic ran down from the hill where he had been dealing with the first injured man to help where one of the boys lay unconscious. “The group appeared very young I suspect all underage some so drunk they could hardly stand.

“Luckily my kids were down at the water however some other kids and families would have been witness to this all happening. “By time we left the beach they place was surrounded by emergency services.”

“A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Officer were called to reports of a disturbance on Friday evening. Two teenagers were taken to Crosshouse Hospital for treatment. Enquiries are ongoing.”