A spectacular re-enactment group will lead a weekend of fun and living history at Irvine’s Maritime Museum Saturday, July 13 and Sunday 14.

Entry to the event within the Linthouse Courtyard is free.

The re-enactment group will take everyone on a journey back in time to the mid-18th century where they’ll thrill as they watch a highly charged scene between smugglers and Royal Navy.

As the scene unfolds, visitors will see some shady looking characters attempt to smuggle goods past a Royal Navy revenue post. Of course, these are hapless smugglers and things don’t go quite as planned.

On both days, visitors will also enjoy a Show and Tell display of weaponry and British uniforms of the day.

The Show and Tell takes place at 12noon each day and the re-enactment stirs to life at 3pm each day. Visit www.scottishmaritimemuseum.org for more.