A NORTH Ayrshire Council worker has admitted careless driving after being caught on another motorist’s dash cam.

Roderick Boyce admitted to deliberately braking hard in front of another driver who he thought was “driving too close”.

Irvine Times:

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the IT customs solutions officer was driving on the A71 at Moorfield Roundabout when he was caught “driving in a an aggressive manner”.

But unknown to the 50-year-old,the man behind him was recording the entire incident on his dash cam.

Boyce appeared at court last week and admitted the charge of careless driving on March 23 last year.

The dash cam footage was shown to the court and Boyce’s Black Subaru could be seen pulling out in front of the complainer’s white Volvo at speed, forcing him in to the other lane.

The driver of the Volvo then tried to safely overtake Boyce, but he began to speed up, before cutting in front of him to overtake an HGV lorry.

The video then showed Boyce suddenly braking hard in front of the Volvo, forcing the complainer to have to brake to avoid a collision.

Boyce’s lawyer told the court his client was reacting to the Volvo “driving too close”.

“The gravity of the charge is the breaking. He felt that the vehicle behind him was getting too close.

There is ample opportunity for him (the other car) to move into the other lane.

“It appears that neither driver was driving particularly well. He is a 50-year-old man with no previous convictions. This will be his only trip to court and he is anxious to retain his driving license.”

Sheriff Iona McDonald fined Boyce £400 and gave him four penalty points.