CALLOUS vandals have destroyed the new Kilwinning Rangers hospitality suite - causing up to £6,000 worth of damage.

Earlier today, the heartless vandals broke in to the building and broke windows, damaged the walls and set fire to the carpet. 

Now Kilwinning Rangers Chairman Colin Boyd is calling on the public to help trace those responsible. 

He said: "They have come in to the Hospitality Suite in broad daylight and basically smashed windows, kicked walls down and set fire to it. 

"It's shocking. They have ripped a hole in the side and it's only big enough for a kid to get through so we think it's been kids. 

"At this stage we estimate it's £5k-£6k-worth of damage. That modular building was going to be the Buffs' new hospitality suite on match days and when the club weren't playing it was going to be our media centre and also could have been used by Kilwinning Sports Club. That's all up in the air now."