A PET owner could have her dog destroyed after it tried to bite a woman’s leg when it should have been muzzled.

Denise Travers failed to comply with a dog warden’s order which said her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Buster, should be on a lead and muzzled at all times.

The 51-year-old of Springhill Terrace, Springside, appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Courtlast week and was told her dog may be put down because she failed to keep it under control in November last year.

The court heard Buster was made subject of a dog control notice on September 6, 2017 following complaints.

Fiscal Vicky McMillan told the court: “In July 2017 the accused was spoken to by the dog warden following a couple of complaints about her dog and was issued a verbal warning if there was any further complaints a dog control notice would be issueD.

“Following further complaints after that in September 2017, the accused was handed a dog control notice with the condition that the dog was on a lead and muzzled at all times.”

But the cour t heard Travers took the dog for a walk without a lead or a muzzle on November 27 in Overtoun Road, Springside and it attacked a passer-by.

Ms McMillan said: “The complainer was walking at the locus just after 9am when she observed the bull terrier being walked by the accused.

“It was not on a lead and ran towards her and attempted to bite her leg.

She was able to avert this but the dog then jumped up and attempted to bite her on the body.

“It caught her jacket which was ripped as a result. The accused did not have any control over the dog.”

Travers’ lawyer Mr Berlow, begged Sheriff Alistair Watson to spare the dog’s life, insisting it was on “a long lead”.

He said: “I make an impassioned plea. Miss Travers is very attached to her dog. She lives alone and he is her companion.

The dog was on a long lead, although she accepts she did not put the muzzle on, that was through complacency.”

Sheriff Watson adjourned the case for reports. Travers will return to court at the end of the month.