MISSING Irvine dog Buster has been found.

The four-year-old dog Shi Tzu- lhasa-cross was found running along the side of the A78 bypass at  around 2pm this afternoon.

Buster's distraught owner owner Emma McDougall had been tirelessly searching for him since he vanished yesterday at around 11.30pm.

Some workmen working on the Ogilvie homes development next to the Riverside Hotel spotted him running along the road side while they were on roof scaffolding and called Emma, 25. 

After being reunited with her beloved Buster, Emma said: "I am so happy. I can't believe I found him. We were all so worried ans starting to lose hope.

"I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped find him. It's amazing to have him back. We are going home to give him a wee bath and relax in the house."