North Ayrshire Council have denied any changes to distribution for bags for their food recycling caddies.

A number of queries were sent to the council on social media about replacements for the bags and the normal procedure for this is to tie your last bag to the bin and it will be replaced on collection.

NAC say this is still the case but that bin collection vehicles may not have stock meaning that it if someone ran out they would not be able to have the chance of new bags for at least two weeks under changes to the council’s collection frequency.

The only other way for residents to collect the bags would be to attend at a council office or library or purchase them privately.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “If a resident’s supply of food waste liners is running low, a fresh supply can be requested by tying an unused liner to the handle of their brown bin on its collection day. Our collection crew will then leave a supply of liners, unless they have insufficient stock available in their vehicle.

“If our crews have insufficient stock available and the resident cannot wait until their next brown bin collection day, they can visit any of our local offices, housing offices or libraries and pick up a fresh supply without charge.”