An Irvine bookshop owner has come under fire again for allegedly failing to pay various businesses.

Two authors and a removals company have contacted the Irvine Times claiming that Jackie Dalley, from Dilley Dalley Book Shop in Bank Street owes them money for services rendered.

They came forward after the Times revealed that another business, Auld Lang Signs in Dreghorn, had apparently taken vigilante action against the book shop owner after claiming that she had also failed to pay her bill.

Someone claiming to be from Auld Lang Sings reportedly plastered a huge sticker over the shop sign of Dilley Dalley Books in Bank Street on last week, which said: “The woman inside this shop doesn’t pay her bills. This sign will be removed when she does.”

This week three other businesses have come forward to say they have also been ‘duped’ out of cash from Mrs Dalley.

One author, who asked not to be named, said she delivered books to Mrs Dalley on March 8, by prior agreement, on March 8 and has still not been paid, almost 21 weeks later.

The author says that when she reminded Mrs Dalley of the unpaid invoice she replied that she was ‘not quite organised’ and would ‘get to it asap’.

The woman then challenged Mrs Dalley about the payment after seeing posts from other authors claiming to be owed money on the bookshop owner’s Facebook page and claims she became defensive and claimed to be the victim of a vendetta and refused to have any further direct contact.

The author told the Times after that she gave up.

She said: “I was unsurprised by both Auld Lang Syne’s claims, and Mrs Dalley’s assertions that she is the victim. On reading her emails I felt very nervous about any fur ther communication with her, so I never replied or made any other contact. My invoice has never been paid.”

The Times contacted Mrs Dalley for a comment, but she had yet to respond as we went to press.