A fed-up business owner has slapped a second sign on an Irvine bookshop claiming she STILL hasn't paid him.

The under-fire owner of Dilley Dalley Book Shop in Bank Street has had her shop emblazoned with a sign claiming she owes fellow small business owners money.

Jackie Dalley, who owns the store, first hit the headlines when someone claiming to be from Dreghorn business Auld Lang Signs took vigilante action and covered her shop with a sign saying: "The woman inside this shop doesn’t pay her bills. This sign will be removed when she does."

Now, three weeks on, another sign has been plastered above the shop window saying "She's still no paid". 

Following the Times article about Dilley Dalley Book Shop, two authors and a removals company came forward claiming that Jackie Dalley, owed them money for services rendered.

Since then the removals company say Mrs Dalley has settled their bill, however the Times understands others are still claiming to be owed money.

The Times called Dilley Dally Book Store for a comment but it was closed for the Bank Holiday.