A Dreghorn couple have been left heartbroken after a masked gang crept into their street in the middle of the night and stole their motorhome.

Malcolm Lennox, 67, told of his shock after waking up on Monday, July 29 to see his Roller Team 200 family motorhome was gone.

He was then sickened see several hooded and masked men lurking on CCTV taking at around 1.30am.

Mr Lennox said: “It was our retirement but we didn’t get keeping it. We had it from new for about six years and it’s been the full breadth of Britain, as far down as Eastbourne. We really enjoyed it, that’s what hurts us the most.

“At the end of the day I don’t think these people realise what they do to people like us. You work hard for something and you buy it and for these people justto take it away, they don’t have that right.

“A lot of personal stuff was in it as well.

“A lot of people said it’s just as well I didn’t hear them, there was three you could see dealing with the van but you knew there was other ones there.”

Police Scotland said the vehicle has not been recovered at present and inquiries are continuing.

If you have information contact police on 101.