Residents have hit out at Coastwatch after the disabled toilets were locked to RADAR key holders.

Beachgoers blasted the charity after an additional lock was installed on the toilets, with further complaints that Coastwatch are blocking Facebook users who have questioned the decision.

However Coastwatch said they had to lock the toilets due to vandalism and while they admitted they had blocked some Facebook users from the page, told the Times volunteers  weren’t there ‘to take abuse’.

One resident said: “Coastwatch have taken it upon themselves to add an additional lock on the disabled toilets at Irvine shore. So these toilets are no longer available to open with a RADAR key. This is crucial for those who are carers ofthe disabled or friends or families with learning disabilities.

“When challenged about this, Coastwatch are banning and blocking people from their page and were getting so many complaints that they have now changed their Facebook group to ‘closed’.

“They are also participating in an activity that could be seen as breaking the Equality Act 2010 or the Disability Discrimination act 2010.

“Taking questions posted in the interest of the people of Irvine on a personal level is now the norm for certain members of coastwatch team.

“No other provider of a service whether public, private or indeed charitable would be allowed to continually conduct themselves in this aggressive manner. Blocking people who only asked a question is childish and immature.”

Coastwatch volunteer Catherine McCormack told the Times: “They are locked when the office isn’t manned. That was decided in the past couple of weeks after coming down at 9pm at night and finding it left open – so if there going to abuse the service it’s not going to be there. We can only leave it open when the office is manned.

“The abuse of the RADAR system is ridiculous, you can go online and buy a key for £2 so the disabled toilet has an additional lock on it and it’s closed when this building is closed. We’re not breaking any equality laws as we’re not providing any service to anybody during this time.

“Yes some people have been blocked from the Coastwatch page as we’re non-paid volunteer members and we’re not on the page to take abuse.”