Marymass 2019 started off in spectacular fashion at the official opening ceremony last week.

Festivities kicked off on Thursday with the opening ceremony at Irvine’s Townhouse after the Global Village Market arrived in Bridgegate.

Irvine Times:

Irvine Carters' Society were welcomed to the ceremony to announce the return of Danny Kerr as Captain of the Carters before the official sashing of Marymass Queen-elect Kerris-Lee Galloway and Marys Aimee McNulty, Brooke Chapman, Erin Russell and Molly Scott.

In a change to the format this year, the unfurling of the flag was carried out by the Provost while the royal-elect party were sashed by the 2018 royal party.

Irvine Times:

Provost Ian Clarkson said: “I hope you all have a fantastic time and please enjoy as many event and activities as you are able to. So with great delight I declare Marymass festival 2019 officially open.”

Captain of Irvine Carter’s Society Danny Kerr said: “I am delighted to be voted in again and it’s an exciting day for the society.

”We’re bringing in a lot more family events and we hope the sun shines.

Irvine Times:

“It’s a busy 12 days there’s something for everybody.

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