A DELEGATION from China learnt all about Marymass during trip to the town last week.

The Chinese visitors enjoyed a visit to Irvine on Thursday, August 15, to take part in a cultural exchange opportunity.

The group of around 30 visitors included professors and students from Beijing Normal University.

Some of the visitors even performed in the closing festival of the fourth Chinese Art and Cultural Festival at Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Saturday as part of the Fringe Festival.

A number of the guests took part in a dance workshop at The Portal with a group of young people from North Ayrshire, where they also enjoyed conversations on the topics of the arts and education.

They then heard a talk on Marymass by Captain of Irvine Carters Danny Kerr and Laura Kerr before visiting the Marymass Global Village Market.

Provost Ian Clarkson said: “We have built a strong relationship with the Consulate of China, and it is always an honour to play host to our Chinese friends in North Ayrshire.

“Events like this really help to strengthen the bond between the two countries and we are always delighted to welcome along visitors to share their culture with our residents, as well as helping them to learn more about ours.

“The day was a big success and was enjoyed by everyone who took part, and we look forward to further visits in the future.”