Sixteen criminals are currently licensed to clean windows since the new law came into force.

After advice from Police Scotland it was agreed that as window cleaners have access to properties they – like taxi drivers – should be fit and proper and have undergone the proper checks.

North Ayrshire’s licensing department received 16 applicants with criminal records out of 92 applicants in total since the law came into force – with all 16 considered fit and proper persons to clean your windows despite some objections from Police Scotland.

North Ayrshire Licensing department said each case has to be approached on its own merits. 

A spokesperson said: “A Licensing Authority might refuse a licence on the grounds that the applicant is not ‘fit and proper’ (a statutory criterion) and information about convictions might well inform that judgment, but the presence of convictions is not the only factor in the decision of whether or not a person is ‘fit and proper’.

“Where an applicant has a criminal record it is likely that the application will be referred to the council’s licensing committee for a decision, rather than being decided by the clerk or other council officers under delegated powers.

"If the committee thinks it necessary, the decision can be deferred until the applicant has attended a hearing in person and spoken directly to the councillors on the committee.”