BUFFS bosses have issued an ultimatum to the youth of Kilwinning after the new grounds was attacked by vandals again.

Kilwinning Rangers Chairman Colin Boyd is fuming after yobs broke in to the modular unit which is to becoming Buffs’ hospitality suite and wrecked it.

The shocking attack is the second in as many months and has left the club having to fork out thousands of pounds in repairs.

Colin says if the youth of Kilwinning don’t clean up their act, they risk losing the facility altogether.

In a statement posted on the Club’s page, he said: “Could the two kids that just got chased away for doing considerable damage to the modular building sitting in the car park just give it a by.

“Your names will be reported, you’re on CCTV and you heading off down the underpass back to Pennyburn.

“Although this does nothing as we caught a former KSC youth player smashing the windows a few weeks ago nothing seems to get done.

“At this rate we’d be as well just scrapping this unit, we did have plans to include youth and gaming zones but the building is now getting to the point of being too expensive to fix the repairs caused by the kids of Kilwinning, funnily enough the very people we thought we would build this for.

“We had plans on getting this in place ASAP as we knew this would happen, although not to the extent of walls being caved in, but the Council stopped us doing any work on it and threatened to take us to court if we continued working on it, so it’s now either going to be scrapped or sit there for months until we have the funds in place to use Architech/Structural Engineers/Pay the Council the planning and building warrant fees, this is what we get for knocking our pans in to try and build something that Kilwinning can be proud of and improving the place.

“Over to you, youth of Kilwinning, you decide, because it’s easier for us to remove it, than fix it.”

Do you know the yobs responsible or have any information?

Call Ayrshire Police Division on 101.