A STEWARTON man is in a coma in Ibiza after a savage attack.

Gavin Roberton was placed in an induced coma after suffering a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain during an assault on Tuesday, August 27.

Gavin had flown to the party island with friends on Saturday before being set upon at a cash point, sources say.

Irvine Times:

The 28-year-old’s distraught mum Kirsty McMaster has flown out to Ibiza to be with along with her sister, Gavin’s aunt, Paula Marshall.

Gavin’s frantic family are now rallying to raise money to help with accommodation costs and flying him home when he is well enough as he didn’t have travel insurance.

Posting on Facebook, Kirsty’s partner, Gavin’s stepdad, said: “My partners son was assaulted on his last day in Ibiza on Tuesday. Unfortunately as he fell to the ground he hit his head on a pavement, long story short he is now lying in an induced coma in Ibiza.

“His mum and aunt have flown over to be with him but it now seems he didn’t take out travel insurance.

“This is where I need help to raise some money to help pay his medical bill when it arrives and to help his mum (my partner Kirsty) with additional expenses to help get him home.

“All amounts are gratefully appreciated and I know not everyone can spare money in these tight times but if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.”

To donate to Gavin’s fund visit https://www.facebook.com/donate/2350490151934880/2349739592019432/