THE OWNER of an Irvine book store has apparently shut up shop over a string of ‘unpaid bills’.

Jackie Dalley appears to have closed her book shop, Dilley Dalley Books in Bank Street after weeks of accusations that she owed authors, other businesses and landlords money.

One business, Auld Lang Signs in Dreghorn took vigilante action and began a campaign to shame Mrs Dalley into paying money they claim she owes.

Graham Crawley, who owns Auld Lang Signs, posted a number of giant stickers over the shop sign he claims Mrs Dalley had not paid for.

The under-fire owner had her shop emblazoned with a new sign almost every week.

Mrs Dalley first hit the headlines when Auld Lang Signs took action and covered her shop with a sign saying: “The woman inside this shop doesn’t pay her bills. This sign will be removed when she does.”

Then, just three weeks later, another sign was plastered above the shop window saying “She’s still no paid”.

The sign was quickly ripped down, however just a few weeks later Mr Crawley returned and posted a sign which listed people, he claimed, are also owed money from Mrs Dalley.

This week Mr Crawley posted a video on his Facebook page of the latest sign he has posted, which claims Mrs Dalley had been evicted from the building. The sign reads: “Jackie Dalley has left the building! Her eviction notice was served 29th August, 2019 an’ she still hasnae paid!”

Two authors and a removals company contacted the Irvine Times claiming that Mrs Dalley, owed them money for services rendered.

Since then the removals company say Mrs Dalley has settled their bill, however the Times understands others are still claiming to be owed money.

However Mrs Dalley denies the claims and says Mr Crawley did not carry out the work to her satisfaction, which is why she has refused to pay her bill.

She told the Times: “He is committing slander and criminal damage. Has anyone actually stopped to ask why have I not paid this man? If he had done what I asked him to then he would have been paid and then he charged me double what he quoted me.”

The Times called Dilley Dalley Books for comment but did not get an answer.