Dreghorn Primary is celebrating after receiving a positive report from its most recent inspection.

Both the school and nursery were given a ‘good’ in most areas of the inspection and the staff and headteacher were praised for “a supportive ethos across the school”.

The report also outlined how the school had “rightly prioritised the importance of developing and building relationships in taking the school forward on its journey of improvement.”

In particular teachers were praised for creating nurturing classrooms and caring well for children.

Staff working in the Education Support Resource were commended for providing a well-planned and highly caring experience for children.

The nursery was highlighted for “strong teamwork” with “highly motivated practitioners” who strive for a nurturing and respectful setting to secure positive outcomes for children and families.

The report, however did highlight some areas of improvement, with pupil attainment being top of the list.

Inspectors told the headteacher and education bosses from North Ayrshire Council that staff should work together to create a “shared understanding of high quality learning and teaching to ensure positive outcomes for all children”.

Teachers were also advised to work closely together to increase the pace of learning in lessons.

The school was also told to review teaching time “to make sure time for learning is maximised.”

Concern was raised with regards to planning for children with additional support needs. Inspectors advised that this was reviewed and improvements made across both the school and nursery.

Inspectors also recommended that targets and support be more clearly documented. In particular, the report said: “Targets for children with Additional Support Needs to be tracked more carefully to make sure all children progress and achieve their full potential.”

Improvements for the nursery class were outlined as a need to focus on “depth and challenge” with children needing to have a “greater role in their learning.”

Emma Reeves, head teacher at Dreghorn Primary School Head, said: “We are pleased that the inspectors have highlighted the strengths of the school, including the welcoming and friendly children.

“Everyone at the school will continue to work together to create a welcoming, nurturing and inclusive environment so our young people get the best possible start to life. We have wonderful children and supportive parents and carers.

“There are areas for us to work on and we will be striving to do this over the coming weeks and months.”