A top North Ayrshire graffiti artist completed their latest masterpiece in Irvine last week. 

Dubbed the Skullkrakentopus, the latest work by Tragic O’Hara - who previously brightened up the walls beneath the Rivergate - appeared outside the Set Sail tattoo studio.

This is the latest art to appear in the town centre, after a tribute to football star Erin Cuthbert by artist Claudine O’Sullivan popped up on the side of the Seagate arcade in June.

Tragic O’Hara said: “It was commissioned by the tattoo shop, I tried to incorporate a lot of the work they do and pull it together into one big thing. We started it on Monday then came back to finish on the Friday.

”People passing were saying nice things and it’s nice when these things appear out of nowhere. Art like that when it’s outside it just changes the whole feel of somewhere.

”The work under the Rivergate was a good few years ago now, it’s something Irvine had never really had, and there’s a couple of other walls around there I’d like to do.”

For more information on the artist, or if you own any walls in Irvine or Kilwinning, visit the Tragic O'Hara Facebook page here.