A TRAUMATISED victim feels trapped in the house he was brutally attacked in leaving him inches from death.

Adam O’Pray, 28, was stabbed 12 times and slashed 9 times with sharp blades when he was just 19.

The teenager lost five and a half pints of blood, was left brain damaged, and has no elbow in one side as a result of the vicious attack in Irvine.

Now he has been left battling complex post traumatic stress disorder and is desperate to escape the house which has become ‘a living nightmare to stay in’.

Stuart Finnigan admitted repeatedly plunging blades into the teenager’s body in the bloodbath after thinking that his victim had broken into his home.

Adam now feels like he has been living in a ‘warzone’ for almost 10 years after the horror ordeal happened in October 2010 and is desperate for a new council house so he can escape his ‘nightmare’.

He has been left haunted by the traumatic memories that happened in the house, but is terrified to leave in case he bumps into his tormentor who is believed to still live in the area.

Adam said: “Men broke in because they thought I stole things from them.

“They came in through my bedroom window and stuck knives into me.

“I’m stuck in the house it happened to me in it has been hell I feel like I could snap at any point.

“I’m always on edge and I don’t go out as much anymore I try not to think about it but it’s hard since I still stay exactly where it happened.

“I have been diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress and brain damage and I lost my elbow because I used it to protect my face during the attack.

“I feel like I’m walking on eggshells and I’m desperate to get out into somewhere else. The people who have done this to me live really close to me I don’t want to go out in case I see them.”

North Ayrshire Council have been contacted for a comment.