THE family of an electrician left in a coma after a brutal holiday attack fear his injuries are more serious than they first thought.

Gavin Robertson, from Stewarton, has been fighting for his life in a Spanish hospital after being punched in the head whilst on holiday in Ibiza.

Now doctors have told the 28-year-old’s distraught mum Kirsty and aunt Paula, who have flown out to be with him, that the swelling on his brain is “worse than they thought” and he will remain in a coma for longer.

Paula said: “Gavin is still stable but will be kept in the induced coma for longer than expected. Scans yesterday showed that there is still an issue with swelling and the damage is a bit deeper than first thought. The doctors are confident he just needs more time to heal.

“Kirsty and I are with him every day, we are becoming part of the furniture in ICU.”

The news came on the the same day as fundraising drive to support Gavin and his family reached almost £37,000 after it was revealed he had not taken out travel insurance before he flew to the party island.

Gavin’s appeal has touched people far and wide with hundreds of donations made so far.

Local businesses have also showed their support, with Brownings the Bakers making the ‘Bring Gavin Home’ Empire biscuit.

Gavin’s uncle said the family are just taking one day at a time but are “overwhelmed” but the sup[port from the public.

He told the Times: “Everyone is coping but obviously it is very difficult because he is in another country so we aren’t able to see him.

“His mum Kirsty and my wife Paula are with him and keeping us updated and they are keeping each other going.

“I don’t think anyone expected the response from the public. We have been overwhelmed with the amount that’s been raised, but it’s about more than the money. It’s about people showing their support for Gavin which has been amazing.”