A STUDENT is speaking out after being haunted by the idea that her mum could have been saved if she had gone to the doctor sooner.

Brave Georgia, 19, is urging others to get their symptoms checked out after losing her mum to bowel cancer.

Debbie Catton, 58, died one week before her birthday after putting off the doctor and dismissing her symptoms as ‘stress’ from moving from England to Irvine.

When she did seek medical help she then had to wait for a diagnosis leaving her daughter wondering if those extra months could have saved her mum’s life.

Georgia was just 18 and in the middle of her exams when she lost her mum.

She threw herself into studying and hit the books 12 hours a day in a bid to make her mum proud and walked away with straight A’s and a place to study dentistry in Dundee.

Georgina said: “My mum caught her bowel cancer quite late on and it took a while to diagnose her which is bad for survival rates.

“I want people to look out for different things they might think is abnormal so they can treat it straight away. Some signs can be weight loss, tiredness, changes in bowel habits, bleeding, anything you feel is off.

“My mum kept saying ‘something doesn’t feel right’ but put it off to moving stress and kept putting off doing to her GP.

“I think she waited a bit too long, she wanted to see if things would calm down on their own.

“Even if you go and it turns out to be nothing then at least it is better to be safe than sorry. Maybe that few months could have helped her she might even still be with us, I know you can’t dwell on that and what is done is done but you never know, it is hard not to think about.

Now she has been fundraising and raising awareness to keep the memory of her amazing mum alive and remind others how important it is to get checked out.

Georgia recently completed a massive climb up goatfell with pals to raise cash for charities.

She wants people to remember how passionate, kind, and friendly her mum was by showing off the positive attitude she inherited from her.

Georgia said: “I think doing a charity event made me feel like I was doing something which helped me.

“I’m an active person so I decided to get my friends involved and do Goatfell for the day.

“Initially my target was £500 but that was hit that within the first day so I moved it up to £1,000 and now we are just trying to get as much as possible.

“She battled cancer for five years but did extremely well throughout it, doctors even called her a miracle.

“She worked in pharmacology testing new drugs on the market, she was great at her job and loved it.

“Her company she worked with have been really supportive and they have really told us how much they appreciated her.

“They donated all of their charity budget as well as doing sponsored walks and raised over a £1,000.”