A MAN who was inches from death after being stabbed and slashed in his Irvine home is now determined to re-write his past.

Adam O’Pray, 28, has qualified to compete in an international race on the anniversary of the date he was butchered, during the brutal home invasion.

He was just 19 after a vicious thug plunged blades into his body after thinking he had earlier broken into his home.

He was left brain damaged, lost an elbow, and has complex post traumatic stress but plans to break the cycle of fear by marking the anniversary of the attack with something positive.

Adam is planning to compete in the major obstacle course racing world championships in London on October 9 to remember the date as a positive instead of dreading it by remembering the traumatic experience.

The teenager lost five and a half pints of blood and now battles serious mental health issues after the horror ordeal.

One way Adam has learned to cope is by running and becoming active which he hopes will help him in the race.

He said: “I’m really excited for the race in London.

“I only have one elbow because when I was being attacked I put my hands over my face to protect it and it got extremely damaged.

“But I will do the best I can with the one even though it is an obstacle course.

“I felt really down when it happened I still do but running and being active helps me a lot.

“It’s on the same date so I’m looking forward to it being something positive and to look forward to instead of dreading it.”

We told last week how Adam feels trapped in the council house he was attacked in.

Stuart Finnigan admitted repeatedly plunging blades into the teenager’s body in the bloodbath after thinking that his victim had broken into his home.

Adam now feels like he has been living in a ‘warzone’ for almost 10 years after the horror ordeal happened in October 2010 and is desperate for a new council house so he can escape his ‘nightmare’.

He has been left haunted by the traumatic memories that happened in the house.