A woman who was viciously assaulted by an Irvine brute while she was pregnant says she is living in fear after being told he will be released from jail early.

The woman, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was repeatedly beaten, battered, kicked and choked by violent thug William Grieve.

Grieve, 26, was convicted multiple assaults on the woman and her three-year-old child at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court and sentenced to seven months in jail in June this year.

Last week arrogant Grieve appealed his sentence, but a judge saw through him and rejected his appeal.

The woman says in one of the worst attacks Grieve beat her so badly when she was pregnant, her baby was born prematurely.

She said: “He beat me so bad when I was pregnant with my daughter that he put me into early labour. My daughter was born three months early and was in intensive care.

“The doctors told me there was a chance of her being disabled. Thankfully over the last year she has been signed off by Rainbow House and is doing really well, but it just shows what a monster he is.” 

The victim says Grieve was possessive and jealous and beat her with candle holders after becoming enraged when she started a new job.

She said: “The day I started my new job he smashed ceramic candle holders over my then made me walk over the broken bits.

“Another time he pushed me to the ground for not leaving my shift early on his demand, then kicked me in the back and leg. I was almost six-months pregnant at the time.”

The woman says she covered her injuries so people would not know the truth, but it was when the vicious thug attacked her son that she decided enough was enough.

She said: “I was scared to leave or to tell people what was going on. But then one day he assaulted my son.

“He had only just turned three and was bouncing on the bed excited to see him and he jumped up and shoved him right across the bed.

“The power of him compared to a baby, he could have killed him hitting him like that and I just thought, ‘no way are you hitting my children’ and that’s when I decided to go to the police.” 

Grieve has been incarcerated since June, however his distraught victim says she has received a letter from the Scottish Prison Service informing her of his release on September 18.

She told the Times: “The judge said he was still a risk to women and children but then I get a letter to say he will be released early because he has served so much of his sentence.

“I feel let down. He got a pitiful sentence as it was for what he done to me, and then for them to admit he is still a risk and release him anyway is unbelievable.

“He’s not rehabilitated. He is still a danger to women and children and I’m now living in fear because he is going to be free.”

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals service confirmed that William Grieve pled guilty to assault and assault to injury in June and his appeal was rejected at the Sheriff’s Appeal Court in Edinburgh on August 28.