Castlepark residents hope to transform a run down grassy area into a community sports field.

Castlepark and Eglinton Community Association are bidding to take over the council-owned ground and turn it into a quality football pitch and running track and seeking support for the plan. 

The residents plan for a community asset transfer for the ground which would give Castlepark youngsters the chance to take part in sports within the area.

Castlepark and Eglinton Community Association chair Marjory Dickie said: “We are looking for support to take over a field at Maree Place in the middle of the estate. The school and nursery have put letters out and the feedback has been quite positive. The people who stay across the road say they would rather see it getting used.”

Sally McIntyre added: “We are looking to get an asset transfer to turn this field into a sports field for use of the school, the nursery, the groups that use the centre and the children. 

“It would have football, as well as other sports, in the middle then a running track surrounding the ground.

“Right now this field is just getting used for dog walking and fouling, folk throwing rubbish and bonfires at Hallowe’en. 

“The school has no facilities for sports, they are taking the children down to the Marress sports field for their sports day while the primary 1,2, and 3 can’t get a sports day because it’s too far for them to walk so they’ve got to get potted sports. 

“The school has got a football team but can’t have any home matches because there’s nowhere for them to go.”

The group will hold a consultation meeting in Castlepark Community Centre this Saturday, September 14 at 2pm inviting everybody in the community to give their views.

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