Council chiefs have apologised for any poor communication after the taxi rank had to move while the town centre section of Bank Street was shut off.

The section of Bank Street between the High Street and East Road will be closed until Friday, November 22, with a temporary rank being provided further east on Bank Street across from East Road.

North Ayrshire Council said additional signage directing residents to the rank will be provided, and added that while they attempted to communicate with all the drivers say it was ‘difficult’ to reach all the independent taxis.

Council chiefs say they have been in contact with businesses operating in this area to coordinate an approach that ensures continuing pedestrian movement and limited local access for deliveries to commercial premises.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “The closure of Bank Street was always part of our plans as the public realm works progress.

“We brought the works forward by around a week due to safety concerns for the workforce, pedestrians and motorists, and we made the taxi drivers aware that the road was to close.

“We have had discussions with taxi operators by visiting the taxi rank and issuing letters to those for whom we have contact details. However due to the number of independent taxi operators it is difficult to reach everyone.

“We offered the taxi drivers alternative ranks and the one chosen was deemed the most appropriate.

“The contractors have put up some temporary signage and is currently having additional signs directing members of the public to the temporary rank made. These could perhaps have been in place when the taxi rank was relocated and we would apologise for any inconvenience caused by lack of signage.

“We will continue to review the situation to ensure that the arrangements are appropriate.”