A STEVENSTON wrestling legend is backing a campaign encouraging youngsters in North Ayrshire to speak out and support each other if they or their friends are feeling suicidal.

The ‘tap end of Stevenston’s Grado said suicide ‘shouldn’t be an option’ and urged young people across North Ayrshire to stick together.

Speaking on his Football Daft podcast last week, the Scot Squad star put his weight behind North Ayrshire’s 13 Ways campaign, which informs different ways youngsters can support their friends if they think their suffering in silence.

He said: “It’s Suicide Prevention Awareness week and I wanted to draw your attention to a campaign that’s been developed by some young people in North Ayrshire, it’s called 13 Ways to Support your Friend if They’re Struggling.

“It’s a campaign focussed on letting young people know that suicide shouldn’t be an option, there’s many many ways for you to access help if you need it.

“I’m particularly close to this campaign because it’s produced by young people fae North Ayrshire working with the local authorities, and that’s where a grew up, fae the tap end of Stevenston in North Ayrshire.

“That being said this is a campaign for everybody and I would encourage you to share it worldwide. these messages are for everybody so just take a wee bit of time out, watch it and take something from it.

“Remember to speak up and talk to your pals, and if you think that somebody’s struggling a wee bit then reach out to them and ask how their day is and make sure they’re alright. Alright troops, lets stick together.”

The 13 Ways - A Suicide Prevention Blog and series of videos was created by North Ayrshire Year of the Young People Ambassadors all about positive mental health, supporting your friends and seeking help if you are struggling.

Youngsters can also find a number of useful resources to get the right help and support.

If you are ever in need of help or advice, for you or a friend, know that it is always there and you should seek it out.

For more information or to watch the videos visit young.scot/campaigns/north-ayrshire/13-ways-a-suicide-prevention-blog-for-young-people