Residents of all ages can take part in ball hockey sessions in Irvine.

Ball Hockey Ayrshire, based at Greenwood Academy, hold weekly coaching sessions for adults and children at the school.

Regular attendee Stuart Donnelly said: “I’ve been doing it for a year and a half. I play it myself and my kids are into it.

“It’s basically the sports hall equivalent of ice hockey. You tend to get a lot of ice hockey players doing it during the Summer when the hockey’s off but it’s a great sport in it’s own right as well. It seems to be a kind of upcoming sport.

“On Monday night at Greenwood there’s a kids session up to aged 16, and after that there’s a senior session as well for about an hour and a half. On a Wednesday night as well there’s a senior one as well but that’s a bit more fun and more of a beginners session. It’s on twice a week and the team do a lot of tournaments they tend to be down in England.”

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