A STEWARTON man left fighting for his life after being attacked in Ibiza has finally come home.

Gavin Roberton was left fighting for his life in a Spanish hospital after being punched in the head whilst on holiday on the party island.

Two weeks ago week doctors told the 28-year-old’s distraught mum Kirsty McMaster and aunt Paula Marshall, who have flown out to be with him, that the swelling on his brain is “worse than they thought” and he would remain in a coma for longer.

But just days later the electrician opened his eyes for the first time since the brutal assault and last night he was well enough to fly home to Scotland.

Gavin's aunt Paula said: "I’m over the moon that Gavin was stable enough to be flown home this morning, things will be so much easier now.

"I’m still overwhelmed by the support Gavin and all our family have received over the last few weeks, it’s been very humbling. There are no words strong enough to convey my appreciation and thanks."

Kirsty said: “What a weekend we have had.

“On Friday Gavin opened his eyes. Since then he has very slowly been starting to move his arms and legs. He is responding to questions with a nod or shake of his head.

“We tested him out by asking if he wanted us to sing to him, no surprise when he shook his head.
“A big thank you for all the messages of love and support we have been receiving."

Gavin was attacked after heading to a cash point for money just seven hours before he was due to fly home from the party island.

A fundraising drive to support Gavin and his family reached almost £40,000 to support his journey home.