Kilwinning Beavers did their community proud last week after distributing dog waste bags about the Pennyburn area.

The Beavers made dog waste bag dispensers out of recycled plastic bottles for the public to use.

The Beavers placed them around Pennyburn as part of their community impact badge.

Rhona Cooper from the 19th Ayrshire Scout Group said: “They had seen the idea online, somewhere down in England had done it and thought it would be a great idea for us to do as part of the community impact badge, so that started the ball rolling.

“We put the dispensers out Tuesday round about the community and the week before the kids made them.

“We meet in Cranberry Moss Community Centre on a Tuesday night and most of the kids are from that area so we put some round the streets of Pennyburn and the other group went along the dog walk round the outskirts at the sports club area and we put them up about there so every kid had one.

“They’re all amazing, they did so well the kids were so super excited to be doing this because we spoke about why we were doing it and we did a wee bit of why, how, where, they were absolutely amazing the kids are fantastic.”