MINDLESS yobs have smashed their way into Abbey Park and trashed the former hospitality suite.

The former home of Kilwinning Rangers has been totally destroyed after youngsters broke in and wreaked havoc.

In the carnage which took place last weekend, tables and chairs were smash and strewn all over the floor, plates were smashed, couches burst open and windows smashed.

The vandalism is the latest in a long line of attacks on The Buffs’ old and new grounds.

In July we told how vandals had destroyed the new Kilwinning Rangers hospitality suite – causing up to £6,000 worth of damage.

Heartless vandals broke in to the building at Kilwinning Sports Club and broke windows, damaged the walls and set fire to the carpet.

Kilwinning Rangers Chairman Colin Boyd is calling on the public to help trace those responsible for any incidents of vandalism.

He said: “We have CCTV for the latest incident at Abbey Park. It is completely trashed. We can clearly see their faces so we have handed it over to police.

“We are hoping to meeting with North Ayrshire Council too, just to see if there’s anything they can do to help Kilwinning Rangers.”

The Buffs left their former home of Abbey Park after a historical vote saw a huge majority in favour of a move to the Pennyburn club.

The club started this season at Kilwinning Sports Club after a whopping 70 per cent of supporters voted to leave the club’s home ground.

We revealed last June that Abbey Park was not fit for purpose and a move to KSC was on the card supports and club members voted in favour of the move during a nail-biting vote.

Ayrshire Police Divison confirmed they were looking into the incident and had “a number of youths had been traced and returned home and the relevant reports submitted” over the vandalism.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.