AN IRVINE primary school and nursery has been given a glowing report in its most recent inspection.

St John Ogilvie Primary School and Nursery Class was praised for “improving learning experiences” and its staff were commended for “having a good understanding of the needs of children and their families.”

Inspectors visited the school in June this year and found a supportive and inclusive environment in which children are happy and developing confidence well.

Staff were said to be proactive in identifying any potential difficulties which they may experience.

The nursery staff were also praised for their efforts. The report said: “The enthusiastic practitioner team within the early years setting, who work together well to plan high quality learning experiences.

“The stimulating and nurturing environment, which includes very effective use of the outdoors for learning, is having a positive impact on children’s development.”

Teachers were said to be eager to build on existing good practice in the classroom and willingly seek additional advice and undertake training.

The report added: “Supported by the senior leadership team they have worked hard to improve the learning experiences throughout the school.”

The school was particularly commended for its strong transition arrangements for children from nursery to primary one.

The report said: “The transition arrangements from home to nursery, and from nursery on into P1, are very effective. Close attention is given to involving parents in these important points in their child’s learning journey.”

The school was told to improve on certain areas, including continuing to raise attainment and developing teachers’ confidence.

The school will not receive anymore visits in relation to the inspection.