A teenager bit two workers leaving them needing a tetanus injection during two violent rampages in Irvine.

The boy, 16, first struck in Aldi supermarket on August 9 this year.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the teenager, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was in the East Road shop when members of staff noticed him “acting suspiciously”.

They approached him, fearing he may be intending to shop lift and the teenager became violent, biting one of the shop staff.

Fiscal depute Vicky McMillan told the court: “Two staff members saw the accused acting suspiciously and challenged him about possibly shoplifting.

“The accused began to shout and swear at members of staff.

“The accused then attempted to run away and they took hold of him and at that point he kicked and punched both of the members of staff before he then bit one of the staff which broke the skin.

“Police were contacted and he continued to shout and swear.

“The staff member with the bite attended Accident and Emergency at Crosshouse Hospital where he received a tetanus and antibiotics.”

On a second occasion the teen was at Irvine Railway Station on August 24 when a station staff member could see a disturbance breaking out on CCTV, involving the teenager.

“The accused was seen running on the platform. The complainer approached the accused and asked him what was up. The accused ran off but returned and squared up to him and began swinging punches.

“An off duty police officer intervened to assist the other complainer and tried to restrain him. The accused punched, kicked and bit him in the arm and headbutted the off-duty police officer in the mouth.

“Police were contacted and he was arrested.”

Sheriff Elizabeth MacFarlane deferred sentenced for reports telling the teenager: “I need reports before I decide how to deal with you.”