An Irvine family business, which is building a community boxing gym, received a boost when the owners raised over £1,000 with the Great Scottish Run.

Gugy Summel and his sons Danny, Ronnie and Ricky run the Gulab Tandoori on Stanecastle Road.

The family are trying to raise funds to build a boxing gym behind their restaurant. Dad Gugy already runs his own boxing club at the back of his shop in Kilmarnock.

Danny said: “We have been participating [in the Great Scottish Run] for over 20 years now. We own the Gulab restaurant and raised sponsors for our boxing club in Kilmarnock and Irvine where local kids and adults train.

“We have a gym building in Irvine currently which will be announced soon. We used to box as amateurs for Scotland around the world until we took over the business of the Gulab but still keep fit by training at boxing clubs around Scotland.

“We do the Great Run every year and have never missed it for the past 20.”